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We invite you to join us on this magical journey down the path of love in sacred union, for the beloveds of the world to heal and awaken The Sacred Golden Thread within us all that births a new Earth.

Love Pod of Jeremy and Tiffany Jeremy and Tiffany are dedicated to embodying the path of love. They share the experience of their Sacred Union path and how everything can be re-birthed back into love. They are both mentors and students of the International Grail Mystery School at The Fountain of Life. The 9 Moon Apprenticeship program is for 9 months journeying together in a Moon College studying and experiencing the feminine mysteries of Womb Awakening to bring healing, ecstasy and renewal to our lives. Read More…

Our website and offerings are a combination of the journey we are on with The Fountain of Life – Womb Awakening work and our sacred gifts we would like to share with the world…


Courses & Healings

The Sacred Golden Thread Healing Sessions With Jeremy & Tiffany

Our gifts we offer you are birthed out of our Sacred Union and the path of love. Our sessions are focused on Womb (and Hara) Awakening, Sacred Union as a spiritual practice and Conscious Parenting for parents that want to raise their children with more love, compassion and joy.


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Shamanic Crafting A Placenta Rug

Shamanic Crafting A Placenta Rug

Two of my most favorite things, placentas and shamanic crafting! Shamanic crafting takes us into the feminine realms. Being in this feminine realm, I give myself space for healing. I have nowhere to go and no specific agenda. The journey unfolds through the crafting....

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Sacred Offerings

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