Hara Awakening – Rebirth – June 3rd 2018

Hara Awakening – Rebirth – June 3rd 2018

Inviting men to hear the call deep within…

“Hara awakening is when a man hears the call to come back home, back to the womb, to be re-birthed again and again”
~ Jeremy Creager, The Sacred Golden Thread

Hara Awakening has been a powerful and amazing journey for me over the past five years. It has taken me deeper into my own feelings so I can better know myself. Healing my past traumas and wounds has helped me attract my beloved and dive deeper into our sacred union. Unlocking the transformational power of love in my heart has opened my beloved into more of her gifts.
In my heart, I heard the call for true love and if this is your desire too, then I invite you to take the 40 Day Hara Awakening journey…

Starting June 3rd 2018 The 40 Day Hara Awakening Journey with The Fountain of Life

Find out what this invites into your life…
See what you will receive…
Click here for more info: Hara Awakening Intensive
*This is a Fountain of Life course. Once paid for, let the FOL you would like me as your mentor and I will gift you one extra Skype session (One comes with the course, so you will get two-both free to you).

Jeremy and his beloved Tiffany

Jeremy and his beloved Tiffany at The Fountain Of Life Teacher Training Retreat in France 2016

Jeremy Creager, USA
Mentor & Facilitator
Jeremy Creager is a Grail Knight dedicated to the path of love and sacred union. A shadow Shaman who has dove deeply in the depths to be re-birthed as a warrior of love. Holding space for men to drop down into the emotional realms of feelings.
Bringing the gifts of the heart and Hara for reunion of the healed relationships of the masculine and feminine within and without.
Initiated into men’s work with the Mankind Project in 2010 and has journeyed with The Fountain of Life since 2013.
On his path he has woven together entrepreneurship, sacred sexuality, sacred union and conscious parenting to create a safe container for the journey of your unique path.
Contact: jeremycreager@yahoo.com 

Click here for more info: Hara Awakening Intensive

Image credits: a painting of King Arthur – artist unknown

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