Journeying Through The Womb As A Man

Journeying Through The Womb As A Man

As a man doing Womb awakening work… Sometimes and often the masculine mind or at least a man’s mind needs or wants context… into why we are going into the womb, Gaia’s womb, cosmic womb.

Now besides using the words Hara instead of Womb or Lingham instead of Yoni, when referring to his journey through his own body… or at least letting him know when he hears the words womb or yoni he can switch them out in his mind for Hara or lingham.

The question may come up for him, why are we dropping down into Mother Earth’s womb or ascending up into the cosmic mother’s womb?

It’s not like we think of Mother Earth as Father Earth or at the center of earth we would picture a lingham over a womb but yet because we are a man the question still arises. It’s almost like it scrambles the man’s brain at first.

Or where we may think of “father” (or divine father energy) way up in the heavens as told through religion (or father masculine energy from the sun)…

But we are going way beyond that to the great cosmic womb of Divine Mother.

Where all is birthed from… so in this work we go back to where we came from, back to the beginning, to the source of all love, back home.

We all know we all have both masculine and feminine energies within our body.

So the paradox for a man is that we are more separated from the womb, Divine Mother and the feminine then a woman is because we don’t have a physical womb, although we did come through the womb, we can not truly know what it’s like to be woman thus relating to having a womb or traveling through a womb feels both foreign and familiar at the same time.

Which brings confusion to the mind.

Also to make matters more complex, we as men have a deep longing to merge with the feminine in a primal love and sexual way, to enter the yoni and go back home to the womb.

In a deep way, when a man enters a woman he wants to be dissolved in her, he wants to be annihilated into the nothingness that he came from that is everything.

He feels a deep need to connect with the feminine because it is she that holds the only power in existence of the black hole that gives birth to new life which is the magical portal doorway that can end and heal what feels like his eternal suffering thus his only saving grace is her ability to rebirth him through her womb.

So the masculine mind needs to understand that traveling to and through the womb, the energetic womb of Mother Earth and the energetic womb of the cosmos brings us into the feminine dimension, out of the head and away from the mind, dropping down into the body relaxing deep into any and all feelings that arises and comes up.

Surrendering to the depths of the watery magical mysterious feminine dimensions of imagination and real feelings, and through the energetic umbilical cord connected to the womb of the great mother we are tapped into a state connected to the subconscious where exploring energetic images and feelings guide us through healing on a deep level that raises our consciousness.

Very little healing comes from understanding with the conscious mind, yet deep profound healing happens almost effortlessly connected to the power of the subconscious through releasing stuck energies and feeling all that arises when journeying deep within them.

Especially for men, generally speaking, feeling feelings is harder for a man to drop into, so any chance to get out of the head and drop down into the body where the feelings live is a very good thing.

As a man dropping down into the womb is relaxing, when often it may seem like not much happened after a womb journey yet on what feels like a very subtle level more then you might think actually happened…

You may or may not have had eye opening visions or vivid revelations that come to you…

You could have or may not have had strong deep intense feelings flow through you, flooding you with emotions that brought you profound healing through movement, sound and release…

You see even if you feel disappointed for not feeling able to feel so much when you wanted to feel some powerful experience… you still felt, you had feelings and what’s more is you were able to relax out of the mind and into the body and even if you think you did not feel anything your wrong, not feeling was really feeling so much potential right there within the depths of your soul.

This is just the beginning, the door has opened and you have invited so much more to flow through so keep going, keep allowing, keep surrendering and you will keep feeling more.

As a man journeying through the womb is the great quest for union with the beloved, both within bringing balance and harmony to the masculine and feminine energies and without to merge with our physically beloved.

For men, walking the path of love, doing womb awakening work, dubs us Grail Knights… thus becoming Guardians of the Womb, protectors of the sacred feminine and beloved in union to his Queen, her bridegroom.

It’s the greatest honor… bares the deepest gifts…

As a man, to drop down into the womb of Gaia is grounding, relaxing and connects us to the love of Mother Earth…

As a man, to ascend up into the cosmic womb I feel connected to divine mother, to the source, to all that is, to the web of life, to the womb web and steam line to collective consciousness and the wisdom of the Akashic records of the all knowing subconscious, where we come from.

~ Jeremy Creager – co-founder of The Sacred Golden Thread

This is The Great Work, The Hero’s journey and an amazing place to start is the 40 Day Hara Awakening course through The Fountain of Life.

I mentor this course and have been doing womb awakening work for 5 years now. The Fountain of Life is the highest vibrational frequency I have found in all my years searching for some truth of the great mystery of my life.

I am now at a place where I’m stepping forward to share my gifts with others. If you are interested in taking this course, I offer you an extra session along with the free one you receive with the course.

Having a mentor who has been through this work helps ground you in this frequency and gives support to your unique journey.

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Image Artwork Credit: Gilbert Williams

Divine Lovers Sacred Cave-Time

Divine Lovers Sacred Cave-Time

It’s Cave-Time, lock me up and take me down to her cellar…
Turn me into a Cave dweller, in the face of waves that crash down upon a non-caveman, I stand with my feet bare in the sand…

This isn’t a man cave, its more like a tomb, I’m not here to escape my beloved, I’m here to be re-birthed through her womb

Be it 3 days or be it 3+ years, when I arise, in your eyes let me be reborn your sacred gardener, protector of the womb I do swear…

In this cave I do bare, all of myself, naked is my heart for you are my love, my answered prayer…

Far from most of life’s distractions, sacred space calling forth our shadowy depths and inner dragons…

Sacred cave of the beloveds, this path of love is not paved but it is the way, come what may for Divine Lovers

~ Jeremy Creager – co-founder of The Sacred Golden Thread


I support men on their journey into Sacred Union Consciousness… for sessions book here: Sessions With Jeremy


Image photo artist credit: The Womb cave (Village of Nenkovo)
Bulgaria – Guide Bulgaria



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