Shamanic Crafting A Placenta Rug

Shamanic Crafting A Placenta Rug

Two of my most favorite things, placentas and shamanic crafting!

Shamanic crafting takes us into the feminine realms. Being in this feminine realm, I give myself space for healing. I have nowhere to go and no specific agenda. The journey unfolds through the crafting. I knew when I saw this crochet pattern on Ravelry that I had to take a shamanic crafting journey with it. It immediately reminded me of a placenta. Placentas always make me cry. They are beautiful. They are the energetic twin to the baby. It is the link between mother and child. It’s a whole new organ that the mother grows. At this time in my life, the placenta is extra special to me. My daughter just turned 5. Always close to her birth day I start thinking and feeling into our birth story. I knew before I was pregnant that I wanted to see the placenta and wanted a ceremony to bury it in the backyard and to plant a special tree over it and watch it grow as my daughter did. I also felt that I was gifting this sacred organ back to mother earth.

Life had a different journey for the placenta and me. I let the midwife and doctors know that I wanted to take the placenta home. After the caesarean and when I had my daughter in my arms, I asked to see the placenta. They informed me that it had been infected and it was a biohazard and had been thrown away and I couldn’t see it. Take a moment, how does this feel to you? I feel a lot just writing this. I AM NOT A BIOHAZARD! That placenta was just in me. I’m alive. I couldn’t see it before they threw it away? Was my placenta going to start a zombie apocalypse because it was infected? Did they think I was going to take it home and leave it to rot on the counter to start this apocalypse? I truly believe that it would have brought great healing to me to even be able to see the placenta even if they wouldn’t let me take it home with me. Through crafting this placenta rug, I was able to feel into my feelings more about my journey with my placenta. It gave me space to feel everything I might be holding in. I cried a lot. I cried into this placenta rug.

Shamanic CraftingThis is a representation of a new relationship and energy healing transmission to the placenta. Throughout this journey I had visions of myself meditating on the finished rug, crying uncontrollably, connecting to the placenta that I never saw. I saw my daughter lying on this rug. I saw a new baby lying on this rug. I saw myself sitting on this rug free bleeding. This is shamanic crafting. I didn’t know how the journey was going to unfold and I still don’t know the many gifts this placenta rug has for me. I have been able to express my anger, sadness, grief, and joy for the new possibilities. Thank you to both placentas that I have created.

Thank you Divine Mother for my life.

Do you feel called to journey with your birth story?

I’m offering Zoom sessions to anyone interested.

Please message me.

Zoom Session 1: If you already know how to crochet, I can help you get started on this rug and as you’re working on it we can talk about your birth story.

Zoom Session 2: Birth story processing journey.

Zoom Session 3: I can create this placenta rug for you and once you receive it you can sit on this rug and have a birth story processing journey.

Birth stories change over time. It’s a potent initiation into motherhood. I’ve learned a lot from my own journey over the years processing my birth story. I’ve been able to clear a lot of anger, shame, and fear. I’ve been able to open deeper into love and intimacy. I will create the safest loving nest for you to bring all your feelings into the light to be loved and honored.

Much love to mothers everywhere!

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