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Jeremy and Tiffany are dedicated to embodying the path of love. They share the experience of their Sacred Union path and how everything can be re-birthed back into love. They are both mentors and students of the International Grail Mystery School at The Fountain of Life. The 9 Moon Apprenticeship program is for 9 months journeying together in a Moon College studying and experiencing the feminine mysteries of Womb Awakening to bring healing, ecstasy and renewal to our lives.

Jeremy and Tiffany met at the first in-person Fountain of Life teacher training immersion in the Mother Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Guided by the magic and potential of a really great love story, they chose to follow the sacred golden thread of love to weave each other back to wholeness.

As they dove deeply into love and spent a year in cave time, they began transforming themselves. Through this gestational experience their sacred vocation began. Feeling inspired and deeply transformed by their love and sacred union they now are mentoring and teaching the sacred practices of Womb Awakening with The Fountain of Life and their Grail Mystery School and through their own website.


About Jeremy Creager

Jeremy Creager - About Us

Initiated Spirit Keeper of the Womb and Certified Mentor/Teacher of The Fountain of Life

2013 to Present ~ Womb Awakening with The Fountain of Life
2011 ~ Leadership Training with The ManKind Project
2010 ~ New Warrior Initiation with The ManKind Project
2008 ~ Certified Reiki Practitioner, Energy Healer
1999 to 2010 ~ Unleash The Power Within, Date with Destiny and Life Mastery with Tony Robbins (student then staff)

Jeremy has been on a life long quest to find true love, to find his beloved. This deep longing in him for love and sacred union has lead him on a spiritual spiral of self discovery through his own woundings in childhood and family lineage.

The pain and suffering, emotional and otherwise, he experienced in all his past relationships only intensified the yearning for more love and Divine Union.

Hearing the call from The Fountain of Life to journey in Womb Awakening practices to heal the wounds of the past, both within and for the collective. This took him on a three year spiral to come into his power and gifts to call in his Beloved that he had longed for.

After this Dark Night of the soul and finding his beloved, the Sacred Union Love Pod Spiral has awakened him to his many gifts.

Announcing himself as a spirit keeper of the womb, his quest now is to nurture, garden, protect, and create a safe Earth for the feminine to fully blossom.

Womb Awakening ~ 9 Moon Apprenticeship Program

Womb Awakening ~ 9 Moon Apprenticeship Program

2016 Womb Awakening Teacher Training

2016 Womb Awakening Teacher Training


About the beautiful Tiffany Harris

Tiffany Harris - About Us

Initiated Spirit Keeper of the Womb and Certified Mentor/Teacher of The Fountain of Life

At the age of 25 Tiffany began searching for her spiritual path. Asking all the “big questions”. She got her taste of spirituality from Oprah and Eckhart Tolle when they did their New Earth web cast. This led her into the path of yoga. In 2009 Tiffany studied in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California to become a certified Ananda yoga and meditation teacher.

She quickly established her own private yoga and mediation practice and began catering yoga in personal sessions that centered on specific healing for her client’s needs. Learning from her clients needs, Tiffany immersed herself in the study of veganism, raw foods, juicing and fasting. Finding her gifts of healing with food, she readily offered it to her clients and taught small classes on the benefits of healing with food as well as a personal chef in their homes.

As all this was transpiring, in another spiral of Tiffany’s life, she was working with children with special needs. For 7 years she nurtured families by supporting them, assisting in the day to day care of the children, and teaching them basic self care. In a journey in the Descent into the Underworld course in 2016 with the FOL, she realized that this period in her life was to help her remember her gifts as a Priestess of Hathor. Inspired by her awakening gifts to support other mothers and families, the universe began to call her to her own awakening through motherhood. In June of 2013 she was initiated into motherhood.

This was a massive shift into Womb Awakening and conscious parenting. Tiffany is dedicated to parenting through love. Changing the paradigm of previous generations. As she had found The Fountain of Life work, she began to shift from yoga to her own womb sovereignty. One question that weighed on her mind was why yoga skipped right over sexuality and the family unit.

The Fountain of Life’s teachings helped her to remember what her soul contract was, to reweave the masculine and feminine back together in love and raise a family in love, joy, and celebration. After the birth of her daughter Tiffany deeply began to grieve for love and her beloved. After a spiral of about three years, he showed up. Inspired by love, Tiffany is now a Womb Awakening mentor and practitioner.

She is a rainbow bridge of remembrance for others, assisting and holding space for others to remember their calling and walk the path of love.

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