Journeying Through The Womb As A Man

Journeying Through The Womb As A Man

As a man doing Womb awakening work… Sometimes and often the masculine mind or at least a man’s mind needs or wants context… into why we are going into the womb, Gaia’s womb, cosmic womb.

Now besides using the words Hara instead of Womb or Lingham instead of Yoni, when referring to his journey through his own body… or at least letting him know when he hears the words womb or yoni he can switch them out in his mind for Hara or lingham.

The question may come up for him, why are we dropping down into Mother Earth’s womb or ascending up into the cosmic mother’s womb?

It’s not like we think of Mother Earth as Father Earth or at the center of earth we would picture a lingham over a womb but yet because we are a man the question still arises. It’s almost like it scrambles the man’s brain at first.

Or where we may think of “father” (or divine father energy) way up in the heavens as told through religion (or father masculine energy from the sun)…

But we are going way beyond that to the great cosmic womb of Divine Mother.

Where all is birthed from… so in this work we go back to where we came from, back to the beginning, to the source of all love, back home.

We all know we all have both masculine and feminine energies within our body.

So the paradox for a man is that we are more separated from the womb, Divine Mother and the feminine then a woman is because we don’t have a physical womb, although we did come through the womb, we can not truly know what it’s like to be woman thus relating to having a womb or traveling through a womb feels both foreign and familiar at the same time.

Which brings confusion to the mind.

Also to make matters more complex, we as men have a deep longing to merge with the feminine in a primal love and sexual way, to enter the yoni and go back home to the womb.

In a deep way, when a man enters a woman he wants to be dissolved in her, he wants to be annihilated into the nothingness that he came from that is everything.

He feels a deep need to connect with the feminine because it is she that holds the only power in existence of the black hole that gives birth to new life which is the magical portal doorway that can end and heal what feels like his eternal suffering thus his only saving grace is her ability to rebirth him through her womb.

So the masculine mind needs to understand that traveling to and through the womb, the energetic womb of Mother Earth and the energetic womb of the cosmos brings us into the feminine dimension, out of the head and away from the mind, dropping down into the body relaxing deep into any and all feelings that arises and comes up.

Surrendering to the depths of the watery magical mysterious feminine dimensions of imagination and real feelings, and through the energetic umbilical cord connected to the womb of the great mother we are tapped into a state connected to the subconscious where exploring energetic images and feelings guide us through healing on a deep level that raises our consciousness.

Very little healing comes from understanding with the conscious mind, yet deep profound healing happens almost effortlessly connected to the power of the subconscious through releasing stuck energies and feeling all that arises when journeying deep within them.

Especially for men, generally speaking, feeling feelings is harder for a man to drop into, so any chance to get out of the head and drop down into the body where the feelings live is a very good thing.

As a man dropping down into the womb is relaxing, when often it may seem like not much happened after a womb journey yet on what feels like a very subtle level more then you might think actually happened…

You may or may not have had eye opening visions or vivid revelations that come to you…

You could have or may not have had strong deep intense feelings flow through you, flooding you with emotions that brought you profound healing through movement, sound and release…

You see even if you feel disappointed for not feeling able to feel so much when you wanted to feel some powerful experience… you still felt, you had feelings and what’s more is you were able to relax out of the mind and into the body and even if you think you did not feel anything your wrong, not feeling was really feeling so much potential right there within the depths of your soul.

This is just the beginning, the door has opened and you have invited so much more to flow through so keep going, keep allowing, keep surrendering and you will keep feeling more.

As a man journeying through the womb is the great quest for union with the beloved, both within bringing balance and harmony to the masculine and feminine energies and without to merge with our physically beloved.

For men, walking the path of love, doing womb awakening work, dubs us Grail Knights… thus becoming Guardians of the Womb, protectors of the sacred feminine and beloved in union to his Queen, her bridegroom.

It’s the greatest honor… bares the deepest gifts…

As a man, to drop down into the womb of Gaia is grounding, relaxing and connects us to the love of Mother Earth…

As a man, to ascend up into the cosmic womb I feel connected to divine mother, to the source, to all that is, to the web of life, to the womb web and steam line to collective consciousness and the wisdom of the Akashic records of the all knowing subconscious, where we come from.

~ Jeremy Creager – co-founder of The Sacred Golden Thread

This is The Great Work, The Hero’s journey and an amazing place to start is the 40 Day Hara Awakening course through The Fountain of Life.

I mentor this course and have been doing womb awakening work for 5 years now. The Fountain of Life is the highest vibrational frequency I have found in all my years searching for some truth of the great mystery of my life.

I am now at a place where I’m stepping forward to share my gifts with others. If you are interested in taking this course, I offer you an extra session along with the free one you receive with the course.

Having a mentor who has been through this work helps ground you in this frequency and gives support to your unique journey.

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Hara Awakening – Rebirth – June 3rd 2018

Hara Awakening – Rebirth – June 3rd 2018

Inviting men to hear the call deep within…

“Hara awakening is when a man hears the call to come back home, back to the womb, to be re-birthed again and again”
~ Jeremy Creager, The Sacred Golden Thread

Hara Awakening has been a powerful and amazing journey for me over the past five years. It has taken me deeper into my own feelings so I can better know myself. Healing my past traumas and wounds has helped me attract my beloved and dive deeper into our sacred union. Unlocking the transformational power of love in my heart has opened my beloved into more of her gifts.
In my heart, I heard the call for true love and if this is your desire too, then I invite you to take the 40 Day Hara Awakening journey…

Starting June 3rd 2018 The 40 Day Hara Awakening Journey with The Fountain of Life

Find out what this invites into your life…
See what you will receive…
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*This is a Fountain of Life course. Once paid for, let the FOL you would like me as your mentor and I will gift you one extra Skype session (One comes with the course, so you will get two-both free to you).

Jeremy and his beloved Tiffany

Jeremy and his beloved Tiffany at The Fountain Of Life Teacher Training Retreat in France 2016

Jeremy Creager, USA
Mentor & Facilitator
Jeremy Creager is a Grail Knight dedicated to the path of love and sacred union. A shadow Shaman who has dove deeply in the depths to be re-birthed as a warrior of love. Holding space for men to drop down into the emotional realms of feelings.
Bringing the gifts of the heart and Hara for reunion of the healed relationships of the masculine and feminine within and without.
Initiated into men’s work with the Mankind Project in 2010 and has journeyed with The Fountain of Life since 2013.
On his path he has woven together entrepreneurship, sacred sexuality, sacred union and conscious parenting to create a safe container for the journey of your unique path.

Click here for more info: Hara Awakening Intensive

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My Devotion to My Beloved And the Feminine

My Devotion to My Beloved And the Feminine

This is an excerpt from the book-Womb Awakening:Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life by Azra & Seren Bertrand, Creators of The Fountain of Life and 9 Moon Apprentiship, Grail Mystery School, and our mentors.

This quote really touched me. It stirred my inner masculine and prompted me to write from this place of devotion to my beloved and the feminine.


Awakening The Wild Masculine

“In Alaska, I was a solo journeyman, a lone wolf, independent: like many men, I thought that freedom was to be found in solitude, meditation, and contemplation. Due to my youth at the time, I could not see that my longing for union with Gaia and her natural wildness was also a longing for Woman; for union with her wild womb; and for the untamed, wild, feeling nature of my own feminine self. I desired to truly meet the feminine in all her wild and beautiful elements, and to remember how the masculine was integral part of this vast, dynamic beauty. For it is this communion with the feminine that truly births the wild masculine. The womb of woman is the sacred space that truly initiates a man into his inner kingship and power, and gifts him a “second birth” into the deeper realms of love.”
~ Azra Bertrand from the book Womb Awakening ~

Azra and Seren
Bertrand, Womb Awakening
Initiatory Wisdom From the Creatrix of All Life (Inner
Traditions 2017)

Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life
Click above and get the book on Amazon. (I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.)


My Devotion to My Beloved And the Feminine

I commit to the path of love, to the journey into Sacred Union and the deepening of total rebirth through my beloveds womb…

I dedicate my life to loving you, my beloved, to honoring your divine essence and awakening our love and sacred sex through healing the wounds of separation between the masculine and feminine.

I am in devotion to you and your love… I give myself to you… take all of me…

Consume me, burn away all of me that is old and no longer serves me with all your fire…

Cleanse and anoint me with your moon blood so that I may serve you in my kingship…

I bow to you in honor of your sacrifice and commitment to love and life, I cherish the ground that you walk on and kiss your feet…

I live for your smile, your kiss, your embrace and all of you…

I beg you to keep loving life through it all, to keep shining your light and beauty as we walk this path together, let me be here for you now in support, as your beloved in union.

I long for you in every ounce of my flesh, I crave you from the bottom of my bones, my yearning for you is as deep as the unknown unknown…

All my life I have been dying inside to merge with you, open up to me dear one, for I am waiting right outside with all my love to be let in…

My need for you is beyond what I myself or most, can comprehend and begin to understand…

I am your protection, you’re safe with me…

Hold me closer for I am your love and the way is us in communion…

I lay my sword and armor down and ask for your embrace to nurture my wounds and heal my pain with the balm of your love.

When you let down your guard and meet me in the depths of our love, our lives as we know it will be over and an explosion from within will expand us and our love to no end…

Let’s be wild in our love, let’s ravish each other in complete innocence and join as one…

If you breathe, breathe me in as your one and only breath…

When you see, see me as your love expressed…

When you listen, hear my voice as love poems vibrating goosebumps all over your flesh…

When you feel, feel me as you, in love with me, as I love you.

My sacred beloved, my beautiful white dove.

With all my heart and love,
Jeremy Creager



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Men, My Dear Brothers… The Feminine Is Calling Out To You… Into The Descent Into The Underworld

Men, My Dear Brothers… The Feminine Is Calling Out To You… Into The Descent Into The Underworld

Illustration by Shannon Stamey

Men, my dear brothers… The feminine is calling out to you… Our mothers, sisters and daughters are calling out to us… They are being harassed and abused and they are bringing light to this collective shadow.

The change comes from us, all of us… it starts from the inner work we do in our lives.

I invite you to feel into this collective wound within your own self and drop down into The Descent Into The Underworld, shadow work, on A 30 Day Journey to Heal Core Feminine Wounds.

Starts on October 31st.

For more info and to register for the journey go here: DITU

Note: My beloved and I are mentors of The Fountain Of Life and we would be honored to be your mentor if you so choose.

As a man I know and feel the deep sexual trauma through both sides of my own family lineages. It has shaped much of my painful journey with my relationship to woman over the years.

I have taken this online course with The Fountain of Life for the last 3 years. The vibrational frequency of this feminine based spiritual body of work is of the highest caliber I have seen anywhere, with a strong sacred safe space of love that supports healing at the core of our wounds.

Yes men, this work is a lot about feeling all the feelings we are taught to not feel, or pretend we don’t feel, or act tough and mucho, and that being a mean badass is manly when that can’t be further from the truth…

The abuse in our world runs so deep… for thousands of years, us men have raped, pillaged and murdered our women of the world, not to mention the misuse and abuse we have done and do to Mother Earth…

All this has been passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. We are born through traumatized wombs… we carry these passed down traumas in our own bodies and psyches. Thus the repeating of more and more women being misused and abused sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally again and again…

But NOW is the time for us men to drop into our hearts and take responsibility for our own self healing, and journey down the path of love for our mothers, sisters and daughters.

We can heal ourself and thus heal 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.

We men can be the protectors of women that we were meant to be and need be, to heal the world and birth a New Earth.

I see a world where us Men have done our deep core healing shadow work and have made this planet a safe place for our women. In this vision, the feminine lives again in divine flow. She is free to be the beauty and light of the world.

Grail Knights let’s honor and adore the feminine and womb in all women including mother earth.

I see a new earth where children are raised by conscious parents with love.

If you hear the call to be a protector of woman, of the feminine…
If you feel you are here on this planet meant for a deeper calling, a true purpose to help heal the wounds of separation between the masculine and feminine…
If you have a daughter you love…
If you have a sister, a lover or a mother and you feel called to be the change in the world…
Let’s make this world a safer sacred container…

Then I invite you to journey with us!

Are you ready?

This includes:

~ 70-Page Descent into the Underworld Ebook

~ Shamanic Audio-Journey and Meditations

~ Energy Transmissions & Ceremonies

~ Membership of a dedicated online Circle for this course

~ A 1-hour individual phone / skype mentoring session from a certified Womb Awakening practitioner ($80 value)

This course is open to both men and women.

For more info and to register for the journey go here:

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