Shamanic Menstruation-Free Bleeding

Shamanic Menstruation-Free Bleeding

I believe that shamanic menstruation is different for every woman and can vary from cycle to cycle. We are lost from our ancient traditions and I feel that these rituals are carried through our DNA and we remember these rituals and practices when we listen to our bodies.

Shamanic menstruation has been different for me month to month. I’ve experienced a deeper connection to Mother Earth, tapped into and cleared some of the collective shame around menstruation, and connected deeper to who I am in this lifetime.

10 years ago I gave up tampons. I felt that it was blocking my energy from flowing out of my yoni. During my journey with cloth pads, I was finally able to see my blood. Tell the health of my womb from the color, smell, and how the blood flowed.

Just over a year ago, I have been practicing Shamanic menstruation. At first it looked like this. It was summertime and so I wore skirts and I could feel the gush of blood coming and I would clench my yoni and release either outside or in the toilet.

This changed within a few months. I felt like there was so much tension in my yoni and I was giving her more tension by not letting her flow freely. I went out to search for a bowl to have around when I felt the gush. I also started to feel very “offended” that I was flushing my blood in the toilet. I felt better gifting it back to Mother Earth. I felt in doing this that Mother Earth would receive my blood and could read it. She could read the nutrients in my blood and maybe she would grow food according to what my body was deficient in. I was also providing the earth with my nutrients, feeling more connected to the web of life.Sometimes I squat outside if I’m flowing really heavy or just sit on the earth and read and relax or watch my daughter play outside.

Sometimes I would walk around my property and let the blood run down my legs and connect back to the Earth. So much tension can exist in our yonis  because of trauma so the blood may not even run down your legs for awhile. How deeply can you feel into this and surrender and release? Really a shamanic experience to dive deeply and embody and feel the womb and what messages are waiting there for you.  One month I encountered a lot of flowing blood that brought up feelings of me being dirty and messy.  I had never really felt this way before about my cycle. What I noticed was that I needed to slow down. The blood can feel really wet and sticky at first, but it starts to dry on your legs and then by walking around, the dry blood crumbles off and your legs feel so soft and smooth. So if you can stick with the feelings, the messy goes away until the next “gush” of blood. There are nutrient rich stem cells in your moon blood. Scientists are now using them to heal people.

My moon cycle is three days and I wear nothing and let the blood flow freely. I also don’t shower for the three days. Water is cleansing and at the end of the cycle, I’ll take a spiritual bath to symbolize the next spiral of the moon cycle. When I first start the blood doesn’t flow down my legs yet. So for the first day, no blood is coming down my legs. The second day is when the blood is flowing. Sometimes it drips on the floor. We have wood floors so not to hard to clean up. If it does get on the floor its usually just a few drops, I let my body release and then clean up.  I wear a skirt, I feel like I don’t want to block the energy flow from my womb back down to the earth. Sometimes I wear socks or leg warmers to “catch” the blood. I do have a toddler so if she isn’t energetically linked up to me and ready for a slower paced day, then I have a lot of moving around. I bought red towels to put on couches, chairs, the car, and my bed.

I’ve also free bled out in the community. I wore my skirt and wrapped a red scarf around my waist and out I went. One time I took my daughter to dance and I bled through to the chair. I wiped it up and continued my day with stains on the back of myself. I’m not sure what other people though or if they were paying attention. I’d like to think that whatever they thought, it would bring some healing to them. This can really bring up a lot for everyone. I remember feeling very afraid that someone would come up to me and call me out and tell me how disgusting I was and they would feel like I have some disease that my moon blood would give to them. I honored and welcomed these feelings and kept on grocery shopping, trying to relax all the muscles that would tense up. No one ever came up to me that day and I gained more confidence in myself.

Shamanic menstruation will bring up a lot to be seen, held, and loved. There is much to learn with each spiral of our lives that we explore.

Much love to all,

I would love to know how your experience has been. Reach out and share, we can remember so much from each other.

Image from:LongHN Photo on flickr


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