Journey To The Underworld With Inanna & Ereshkigel As Your Sacred Guides

Journey To The Underworld With Inanna & Ereshkigel As Your Sacred Guides


Healing Core Wounds of The Forbidden Feminine

A transformational 30-Day online journey, starts Oct 31st.

Inanna & Ereshkigel

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If you feel called to take this journey, I would be honored to be your mentor as an initiated Spirit Keeper of the Womb and Certified Mentor/Teacher of The Fountain of Life.

Starts on Samhain/Beltane October 31st – when the veils between the worlds are thin, and the wise women fly free

I invite you to take this deep dive into the Underworld to meet the dark shadows within you and within the collective. See these wounds so that you can then shine the light on them and bring sweet healing in your life and on this planet.

Divine Mother calls you to journey in the depths of her core, she welcomes you to feel all the pain from the past so that we can heal as a whole.

Both men, women and couples are welcome to walk this path of love, to take this 30 Day journey and enter the forgotten realms of our sexuality and hidden feminine psyche, holding the light of the Grail, knowing that nothing is forbidden, taboo or judged.

Each time we spiral deeper into this journey we meet deeper levels of our wounds for healing and remember more of our truer self so we can bring the light and gifts we find to our relationships and all of life.

I have taken this course several times and it is one of my favorites.

Note: this is not for beginners or the faint of hearts.

For more info go here: DESCENT INTO THE UNDERWORLD

Men, My Dear Brothers… The Feminine Is Calling Out To You… Into The Descent Into The Underworld

Men, My Dear Brothers… The Feminine Is Calling Out To You… Into The Descent Into The Underworld

Illustration by Shannon Stamey

Men, my dear brothers… The feminine is calling out to you… Our mothers, sisters and daughters are calling out to us… They are being harassed and abused and they are bringing light to this collective shadow.

The change comes from us, all of us… it starts from the inner work we do in our lives.

I invite you to feel into this collective wound within your own self and drop down into The Descent Into The Underworld, shadow work, on A 30 Day Journey to Heal Core Feminine Wounds.

Starts on October 31st.

For more info and to register for the journey go here: DITU

Note: My beloved and I are mentors of The Fountain Of Life and we would be honored to be your mentor if you so choose.

As a man I know and feel the deep sexual trauma through both sides of my own family lineages. It has shaped much of my painful journey with my relationship to woman over the years.

I have taken this online course with The Fountain of Life for the last 3 years. The vibrational frequency of this feminine based spiritual body of work is of the highest caliber I have seen anywhere, with a strong sacred safe space of love that supports healing at the core of our wounds.

Yes men, this work is a lot about feeling all the feelings we are taught to not feel, or pretend we don’t feel, or act tough and mucho, and that being a mean badass is manly when that can’t be further from the truth…

The abuse in our world runs so deep… for thousands of years, us men have raped, pillaged and murdered our women of the world, not to mention the misuse and abuse we have done and do to Mother Earth…

All this has been passed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter. We are born through traumatized wombs… we carry these passed down traumas in our own bodies and psyches. Thus the repeating of more and more women being misused and abused sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally again and again…

But NOW is the time for us men to drop into our hearts and take responsibility for our own self healing, and journey down the path of love for our mothers, sisters and daughters.

We can heal ourself and thus heal 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.

We men can be the protectors of women that we were meant to be and need be, to heal the world and birth a New Earth.

I see a world where us Men have done our deep core healing shadow work and have made this planet a safe place for our women. In this vision, the feminine lives again in divine flow. She is free to be the beauty and light of the world.

Grail Knights let’s honor and adore the feminine and womb in all women including mother earth.

I see a new earth where children are raised by conscious parents with love.

If you hear the call to be a protector of woman, of the feminine…
If you feel you are here on this planet meant for a deeper calling, a true purpose to help heal the wounds of separation between the masculine and feminine…
If you have a daughter you love…
If you have a sister, a lover or a mother and you feel called to be the change in the world…
Let’s make this world a safer sacred container…

Then I invite you to journey with us!

Are you ready?

This includes:

~ 70-Page Descent into the Underworld Ebook

~ Shamanic Audio-Journey and Meditations

~ Energy Transmissions & Ceremonies

~ Membership of a dedicated online Circle for this course

~ A 1-hour individual phone / skype mentoring session from a certified Womb Awakening practitioner ($80 value)

This course is open to both men and women.

For more info and to register for the journey go here:

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