It’s that time of year again… in your heart, have you heard the call? Is your soul longing to come back home? to the heart, through the womb to be rebirthed anew…
I want to invite you to journey down the path of LOVE…
Below is my bio and… Starting January 13th, the 9 Moon Apprenticeship with The Fountain of Life
As a certified Spirit Keeper of the Womb and Mentor with the FOL, I welcome you to take this journey with us, in the private comfort of your own home.
For the last several years, year after year this course has taken me deeper into the longing of my hearts desires of sacred union and true love…
I have met my shadows and fears face to face through the journey of agony and ecstasy, especially as a man softening into my feelings learning how to feel everything deeper in order to find my way back to love again.
This work is of the highest frequency and deepest depths of love I have seen and found on this planet. It has lead me to meet my beloved Tiffany, my soul-mate, my heart, my love.
Now we journey down this path of love together dedicated to each other and as mentors of this work supporting others on this path as well…
Here is the link to the 9 Moon Apprenticeship:
Jeremy Creager, USA
Mentor & Facilitator
Jeremy Creager is a Grail Knight dedicated to the path of love and sacred union. A shadow Shaman who has dove deeply in the depths to be re-birthed as a warrior of love.

Holding space for men to drop down into the emotional realms of feelings. 

Bringing the gifts of the heart and Hara for reunion of the healed relationships of the masculine and feminine within and without.
Initiated into men’s work with the Mankind Project in 2010 and has journeyed with The Fountain of Life since 2013. 
On his path he has woven together entrepreneurship, sacred sexuality, sacred union and conscious parenting to create a safe container for the journey of your unique path.

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