Custom Mandala Throw (Blankets)


This is a circular mandala throw (blanket). This throw utilizes a variety of stitches giving a unique texture and depth, which is very pleasing to the eye and touch.


This unique circular mandala throw is hand woven to your specifications. Your vision comes together by choosing a variety of up to 7 colors (additional colors $5 each). Choose 7 different colors or work with just a few. What feeling would you love to create with these colors? What vibrational frequency would you love to wrap yourself in?

These sacred arts are coming back to us. We are remembering what our ancestors knew. My sacred intentions and love are woven into these creations. While I am creating, I am cultivating your unique vision in my heart and sending that energy through my hands to birth your creation. In this beautiful creative frequency, I’m often watching my daughter dance, playing pretend tea party with her and her stuffed animals, or talking with my Beloved. These beautiful throws take me about 1-2 weeks to create. Throughout this time of weaving many vibrations of love, care, and giving are being woven into this fabric. My desire is that you feel these energies emanating from this throw and wrap yourself in them whenever you feel called. That this mandala is a living breathing offering of love.

If you’re interested in creating one of these mandalas, there are two ways to do this.
1. Buy the mandala here and then contact me through email or messenger on Facebook and we will talk about your design.
2. Contact me first through email or messenger on Facebook to talk about your design and then come back here to purchase.

These are always shipped priority with custom packaging and care instructions. I’ll email or message you tracking info when your creation ships out.

Design/Pattern credits: Red Heart – Lisa Gentry

Mandala Throw Pictures courtesy of Tiffany Harris

Artist- Jo Jayson-Grandmother Spider-The Weaver


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