Give yourself permission. Has anyone given you permission? Do we need permission?

When I first heard these words sung from a popular song, it stirred something in my heart.

Upon further reflection, I had recalled that no one had ever told me that I could be great.

Sia had given me permission to be the greatest, the greatest alive. Whatever that meant to me. I immediately felt more empowered, lighter, stronger, full of more energy, and more confident.

Often woman are conditioned to stay small, don’t make noise, and be a good girl. Although I don’t remember being told these specific words, the underlying energy I was brought up around conditioned me this way.

When we grow up and start our hero/heroine journey, we come to a place where we heal our childhood wounds and initiate ourselves into our sovereignty. We parent and teach ourselves what we were never taught or told.

I sung this song for months. Diving into the depths of all my personal stories of what others or myself thought of my greatness. This birthed more room for me to be and feel even greater!

My spiritual healing journey has taught me that music takes us straight into the heart. It bypasses our rational thinking and takes us to our heart where we feel. And feeling leads to movement.

I invite you to listen to Sia’s song; The Greatest. How does it make you feel to say, I’m free to be the greatest?

My prayer is that we all birth this greatness inside of us, for we are truly beautiful and magnificent.

written by Tiffany

Photo credit:Barton Cowperthwaite, An American in Paris and Lauren Lovette, Principal, New York City Ballet.

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